6 Technique To Increase Your Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. It has over 2.23 billion of active user monthly. For most of the blogger, Facebook is the main social media platform that perform perfectly for their blog. You can easily connect with the large number of people easily because of the huge user base. Now Facebook allow you to advertise on Facebook. Advertising on Facebook can be very beneficial it helps you to increase the reach of your business. Increase the brand awareness. With the right type of strategy of campaign, running it will give the best ROI. Same with the organic reach using the strategy will help you to grow your Facebook page grow organically. However, what will you do when Facebook comes with the new algorithm saying that now meaningful engagement is now worth? That will push every page who does not have meaningful engagement. Creating a Facebook algorithm friendly strategy will help you to maintain the brand image on Facebook.

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Many people have asked me that which platform is best in Digital Marketing & i always replied them that social media & especially facebook is best with no doubts. Here are the 6 technique to increase the Facebook organic reach.

1. Visual content

Visual content is very important. Facebook research shown that the visual content have more engagement compare to the textual and image content. Big companies like coca cola and other companies are also shifting their marketing campaign and creating video content. Video content drive more engagement and brand and product awareness. Use caption on your video because in Facebook 85% of the people watch visual content with audio for those it is very engaging. Make your title and thumbnail more attractive.

Try opting new things it will help you to walk with the worlds pace.

2. Make Natural Discussion

Making conversation to your audience will help you increase the engagement in your post. Facebook algorithm will also help you to increase your visibility if you are making conversation to the audience. You can a question related to your company, make sure you ask a different and unique question. It will catch the audience attention and engagement starts with it. Asking the same question repeatedly will not work. Facebook algorithm excluding such types of post like voting and sharing to your friends in meaningful engagement.

3. Encourage the employees to promote your business

Encouraging your employees help you to get in the feed. It will make the transparency that the people are talking about your brand help you to get more followers.

4. Post fewer links

If you are constantly posting links on the Facebook. You will probably be banned or blacklist. Post images and visual content and multimedia.

5. Facebook audience optimization

If you are posting a unique and nice content and people are not engaging with your post. It means that your audience optimization is not right. Make all your post public so that it can be visible to everyone. It will help you to get more engagement.

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6. Create a Facebook group

Creating a Facebook group will help you to get more engagement than a business page. Facebook algorithm says that to get on the top of the Facebook result page you have to pay. That is why creating Facebook group is more beneficial for your business.


So these are the strategies you can adopt to run a successful campaign on Facebook. I also suggest people to take help of social media articles, blogs & videos on youtube. You can also join a Digital Marketing Course which can help you creating campaigns in a right way.

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