Broken Links- The Undermined Gems of SEO

Whenever it comes to SEO, all the experts and webmasters focus mainly on quality content, Blog posting, Press releases etc. But one of the most unused yet important white hat SEO hack to increase website ranking is broken links Building. It is one of the best ways to increase your website’s online presence.



What is Broken Links Building?


Broken Link Building is a process of finding the resource pages of other websites belonging from the same niche and industry. In this process you find out the broken links on the pages or website and then contacting with the website owner. Apart from informing them about the broken link, you can also suggest a useful resource that you are optimizing. This is a very useful way once you learn how to do it on a large scale i.e. finding thousands of Broken links all together. This can do a lot of good for your website.

One can easily locate these Broken links by using Google resources and Link checker validator one can find these broken links on the pages.

There is no ending of Broken links on the internet therefore, it is the lasting technique which is never going to end.

Along with doing your good, you are also doing good for the website owner as well. Apart from providing the information you are also providing the alternate resource thus increasing your ranking and helping them as well.

It is a white hat technique and you are not subjected to any kind of penalty from Google.

If you provide the relevant and unique link to the website owner. They might be more careful and might turn up to you in such a situation.

Broken link building is one of the best white hat SEO practice and yet least utilized by the SEO experts. Using this one can easily create huge traffic as well as ranking for their website.


This Video might assist you in Broken link building and protecting your website from those links.


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