Difference between WordPress Post and Pages

In order to upload content on your site, Word press has provided two different options which are pages and posts. But for a novice, it can be hard to determine when to add a post an when to use pages. First of all, it is important for the user to understand the difference between a post and a page and what is their usability.


Post vs. Pages


One of the most common and important difference is that the post displays the date and time of publishing. If someone wants to write normal blog post than they should opt for normal Post. Whereas the Page is for the neutral, timeless content and doesn’t require time and date to be displayed. Some of the most common example of pages is “About Us” and “Contact Us”.

You do not want the reader to know when were these information uploaded.


Other differences apart from this are that a Post can be categorised into different categories whereas Pages are hierarchal in nature i.e. that post can be divided depending upon the type and Pages can only be divided in main page and the child page.

Post on one hand has custom formats such as you can develop it according to your need whereas a Page can only add a template according to the need.

These are a few common differences between a Page and a Post and after sometime it will be clear to a beginner weather to write a page or a post.

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