Facebook Sales Funnel Guide

With the advent in Social media platforms and digitization, various platforms such as Facebook have gained huge popularity among all the generations and are widely used as one of the best Business and Marketing platform by a numbers of companies.


What is Market Funnel?


Market funnel is one of the most popular and strategic way to entice your customers into making a purchase. Marketing Funnel is a path way created by a company or marketer following which a customer buys a product or service. Different companies follow different marketing strategies and models depending upon the target audience as well as the budgets and a lot other factors. But all these models break down the marketing funnel accordingly to profit the Business.



Content Creating


Content building is the most important part of a successful marketing strategy; it is like the Building block of the funnel. It is what attracts the customer into the funnel. Having multiple content formats such as eBooks, magazines, videos, pictures etc. will make it easier for you.

In order to create an efficient content, it is important to understand what the audience is looking for and creating a content that is useful and worth sharing by the customers. It seems easier but requires a lot of efforts and research in order to understand the requirement of the customers.

At the end, instead of ending the Blog with a zipper, include videos s well. Visuals are the best means to convey a message and attract customers. This way they are moving forward towards your product page and getting more interested in it.

But not all the customers’ gets purchase the product and thus now you bring out the big weapons i.e. free stuff. Now who doesn’t love discounts? A good marketer will try to lure the customers will all the free stuffs, discount, offers, and coupons as well. This way a good marketing funnel strategy ensures that the customer is most enticed by the product and purchases it. This is how a perfect marketing funnel generates more sales and Business for the company.

This Guide will help you understand How to build a Sales funnel on Facebook.


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