How to Recover from Google Penalty?

An Algorithm update or introduction is quite a serious matter for every website owner and online marketer. When Panda and Penguin rolled out, a lot of websites were affected. Many of them lost their ranking while a lot of them even penalized. No one was spared, not even the multi billion dollar companies. Google is pretty serious when it comes to providing the best and most relevant results to the customer. Most of the Businesses deemed and searched for SEO service providers to get back on track and work accordingly.



It might a while for many website owners to recover completely from the Penalties and cause great loss to the Business. It is important for a website owner to understand the reason for the penalty in order to recover from it as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips for those who have no idea how Google penalty works and how to recover from it quickly.


Understanding The Algorithms


In order to understand how the penalty works, it is important for the individual to understand what the Algorithms are and what purpose it supports. Both Panda and Penguin were introduced in order to serve the purpose of providing better search results for the users. Understanding how they work, one can easily stay away from the Google penalties.

Panda was introduced in year 2011 in order to filter out the pages that were of low quality. This algorithm targeted all the web pages with duplicate content and other illegal practises done by the website owners.

Penguin was introduced to target the websites that utilised spamming methods in order to secure ranking such as purchasing links and using Private networks to get access to links etc.


How To Recover If Penalized?


  1. Check for the notification on Google search console. It will provide the information about the penalty and the reason for it.
  2. Check your backlinks profile which can be easily downloaded from the Google search console previously known as Webmasters. Check out for the links from the spammy websites.
  3. Check for the content duplicity on your website. The content must be 100% unique.
  4. Keep updated with the recent Google Algorithms as it keeps updating them regularly.
  5. Do not practice Keyword stuffing. The keyword density should be approx. 2.5%.

These are a few ways in which one can easily recover from any kind of penalty from the Google. Try avoid practicing spamming methods in order to increase your ranking as it may cause much trouble than profit if caught by Google.

This Video will further ease the learning and understanding of of Google penalty for you.


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