Link Building: Don’ts For Better SEO

Google’s Panda and Penguin update came as a huge shock for a number of webmasters and online promoters. Many of them witnessed a sudden drop in their rankings and some were even penalised. Back linking was considered to have reached dead end. But all this hype and misconception was just a false alarm. After a while when the webmasters got a hang of it, it became understandable that the Back linking is going nowhere, it’s just the methods have changed and nothing else.

But not many people have been able to understand how back linking has changed over time and what it has to provide to SEOs and webmasters. Here are a few facts that might help you in better understanding of back linking.

It is important thing to know what is harmful and avoidable while doing back linking then knowing what is important and provides better result. Harmful back linking or against the guidelines of Google can lead you straight towards penalty and therefore it is important for you to know such things.

Don’ts Of Back linking

Cross Linking

One of the most popular ways back in the days was to get in touch with a popular Blogger from the same niche or a website and exchanging links from each other. This is probably one of the most harmful ways today. Google has been strict against spammers and therefore if caught, it might straight away lead you towards penalty and therefore is highly recommended not to use.

Placing Links on low value directories and websites

Quality of the links is one of the most important things that Google consider these days. Search engines tries to differentiate between low quality links and high quality links and rank a website accordingly. Large number of links from low quality website might seek attention and therefore lead you straight towards penalty from Google.

Keyword Stuffing

While submitting the article for Guest Blogging, it is important to keep in mind that the Blog submitted will only be approved if the content is accurate, unique and readable to the visitor. Stuffing your content with keywords and links might affects its readability and also the visitors trust on your content. Always try to create user friendly content, this will help you to secure better ranking on Search engines.

These are a few things that should be kept in mind before starting back linking for your website.

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