Mobile Friendly Websites: Importance and Features

With the digitalisation, technology and internet is accessible to almost every individual on this planet. One of the most popular devise used by the people is mobile phones. And Google understands this pretty much and therefore this is the reason why it launched its mobile update back in 2015. According to this update, all the websites that are not mobile friendly and the webpages as well will simultaneously lose their ranking and simultaneously the ones that are performing well will be ranked up.

This update increased the popularity and the necessity of the mobile friendly websites and this is the reason why almost all the companies are now focusing more on the mobile friendly websites.

Here are a few benefits of Mobile friendly websites:

More traffic on the website as studies suggest that more that 50% of the people nowadays use mobile for their daily searches and therefore it is a great platform for the marketers to reach out to the customers.


Mobile phones are handy and therefore are more used as compared to the desktops and laptops. This helps the marketers to better reach out to the customers and provides more personalised experience to the users.

How To Create Mobile Friendly Website

Responsive Website Design

Responsive websites are the ones that can be functional on different screen sizes and therefore this is the best way to create a website that is user friendly on both desktop and mobiles as well. If you are using CMS platforms such as Word press etc. than it is easier for you to create website. There are a number of responsive themes for word press available on internet. One can easily create a word press website using these themes.

Using High Resolution Images

Using the best quality image is the best way to ensure that the website is running smoothly on all the platforms and the images are of good quality. It helps you resist problems like blurred images and other pixel related issues.

This is how you can build a Responsive website that is mobile friendly. The number of mobile users is bound to grow in the coming time and thus is better for the companies to switch over to mobile friendly websites in time in order to increase their customer base and reach out to more visitors.

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