Social Media Optimization: A Powerful Marketing Tool

Social media platforms have become one of the most important parts of our lives and people are spending more most of their time on these platforms. Social media platforms provides you the benefit of being in a virtual world here you can customise your looks, contacts easily.

But apart from this, Social media platforms are a great way for different businesses and companies to flourish and increase their customer base by reaching out to the large number of people and social media audiences.

SMO can be done in two ways:

1 Promotional campaign

2 Organic traffic and content promotion

Promotional campaign:

These are the advertisement that is run by the companies in order to reach out to the customers and sell their products. These types of campaigns are run by the companies on various social media platforms in order to gain conversions for their products and followers as well. Ad campaign on Facebook is relatively cheaper than that on the search engines and therefore it is quite popular place for the marketers to promote their products.

Organic traffic and content promotion:

Social media platforms are a great way to reach out to a number of followers and social media users.

Getting links to your website

The popularity of your website is determined by the amounts of links that are pulled through. An analogy to this would be the number of votes that a political candidate receives from the public, which would demonstrate the popularity of the candidate.

Creating Inbound Links

When it comes to search engine ranking, inbound links are essential to the popularity of the site and its content. You should create links to sites and blogs that contain links that lead back to your site and thus, increase your online presence.

Bookmarking and Tagging

Bookmarking and tagging can be accomplished more easily by employing content features, such as buttons like “add to Facebook” and other bookmarking sites. Also, you can include appropriate tags to your pages in addition to your home page for popular bookmarking sites.

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