Anchor Text: A Major Contributor To SEO

Every Business and website online aims at only one thing, How to increase their website ranking and traffic on search engines. This is undoubtedly the most important part of your online Business. Organic SEO is one of the most cost friendly ways of reaching out to a number of potential customers and generating sales, revenue, subscriptions or whatever it is that you aim for.

But with the increase in the competition, it has become quite important for all the Business and webmasters to successfully identify each aspect on their website that can help them to optimise it for better SEO. Due to increase in the competition, gone is the time when all you had to do was a little back linking in order to rank on the top of search engines. But this is a very delicate process as with the recent updates, Google is trying to become more user friendly and getting your website penalised has become a child’s play now.

What is Anchor Text?

Still there are some spheres of your website that can provide you substantial support in optimising your website that not many know about. And one of these best known tricks is optimising your Anchor text. Anchor text is the visible portion that appears on the link of your pages, Blog post etc. on your browser. Anchor text is a great factor to determine the relevancy of your website and the post that the link is for. It helps Google a lot to understand the relevancy and the content of the website. Apart from that an attractive and most relevant Anchor text has the capability to drive more traffic on your website.

Here are a few tips that can help you to successfully optimise your Anchor Text:

Keeping It Real and Relevant

Gone are the times when one can easily attract crowd by over hyping their product or website and make fools out of customers. Online customers have become smart enough and therefore it is important for website to keep the Anchor text simple and informative to the user. The relevancy is the key, because providing the misleading information on your website might get you traffic for ones but you might not be able to retain it.

Restrain yourself from Over Optimizing

Over optimizing is the worst thing that you can do to your website. User might not get affected with it but Google search bots and Algorithms have been updated in order to look out after the content relevancy and user experience. So over optimising might provide you bad impression on search engines and therefor their might be a possibility of drop in ranking of your website.
This is how your Anchor text can help you in better ranking and increasing traffic on your website.

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