Android Operating System – The History

Android was built by Rich Miner, Chris White, Andy Rubin and Nick Sears in October 2003 at California. Rubin tells that it is the project for mobile phone that has ability to develop smarter mobile phones that are more aware of the people needs. Initially the objective of the company is to create an operating system for digital camera and it is the way by which they catch the investors in their project. In 2004 they realised that the digital camera market is not large enough and then they turn their focus to put android as the mobile handset operating system that would be opponent for Symbian of Nokia and Microsoft windows for windows handset.

In the July, 2005 Google bought it for at least 40 Million Dollar. Then Android key players White, Rubin and Miner joined the Google. Now Rubin start guided a team in the Google and start developing a mobile phone operating system run by LINUX kernel. Now Google take charge of marketing of this operating system to the mobile handset makers and pitch them as a convenient, upgrade able system.

In 2007 Google launched the first android device that operates on physical QWERTY keypad. But the in the same year Apple launch its first IPHONE that demolish the market of android first device.
After that Google change the Android specification and start designing the Touch screen handset. But the touch screen is not fully replaced; the device came with a touch screen with a physical button in the middle. On the other side NOKIA & BLACKBERRY also join the competition and start designing touch screen mobile handset.

In 23rd September, 2008 Google announced it’s fully touch screen mobile handset “HTC Dream also known as T-Mobile G1”. And very soon Google launch this mobile in October 2008.

November 05, 2007 the group of 85 Technology Company came together and forms OHA (Open Handset Alliance) these manufacturers are HTC, Motorola, Samsung, T-Mobile, Qualcomm and Texas. The main objective of the OHA is to develop a open and complete platform for mobile handsets.

From 2008, Android releases its different versions, each version named alphabetical order and based on a dessert name, the first versions of Android are Cupcake, Donuts, Eclair, Froyo till Oreo as the latest version. Each new version increase its efficiency and gradually adding new features and bug fixing ability as compare to previous versions.
Google says that these devices help to make the life sweet; hence each Android version name is based on dessert.

Google released many updated devices with the best Android configuration, like in 2010 Google launched the Nexus, and this series is known for its timely updates. Then after in May, 2013 Google stated a unique version of Samsung Galaxy S4 instead of its regular Android versions. This phone is run on stock android version that allows device to receive the updates fast. Many more updating of devices are HTC One Google Play edition, Moto G Google Play edition, Android One etc.

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