Bad Back links: Identification and Removal Tips For Better Performance

Many a times Business owners or newbie webmasters and marketers, in order to reach to the top of the ranking chain, intensify their link building campaign. It is perfectly fine, but only until they have a good knowledge of link building and understand how and to what extent these links will affect their websites. Many a times these new comers create or buy bad links that have a huge potential to destroy your website ranking. Many a times these kinds of links can be created or purchased in order to speed up the ranking process. But it needs to be understood that this can only benefit for the short run but is always a risky deal to crack.

Backlinks Identification

Backlink identification is a very important task. It can help to easily separate bad links from good links so that the webmaster can work accordingly.

Backlinks For SEO Purpose

If a website is poorly constructed and lacks the quality and other features such as social media buttons etc. than the website is more likely to be created for the SEO purpose only. This is a great technique to build backlinks but the webmaster needs to maintain the website in order to keep it away from the eyes of search crawlers.

Over Optimization In The Anchor text

This is one of the worst ways of creating back links if you are even slightly updated with the recent algorithm updates by the Google. These are the Anchor texts that use unnecessarily extra keywords in order to make it SEO friendly. This makes the link less user friendly and user oriented and therefore is subjected to action by the Google.

There are a whole other lot of different types of links that can be considered as bad links but these are the ones most prevalent and commonly considered as great SEO practises by the newbies.

In order to remove them, the best way is to get in touch with the webmasters and request them to remove your backlinks. You might face some of the webmasters who would ask for the payment in order to do so. Therefore, one has to be prepared for such a situation. Another best way is to remove the page if the links are pointing to the low quality page. This can be done by using 404 or 410 redirects. The last option is to disavow all the links if you are not left with any further alternative by writing a mail to the Google.

These are a few ways in which one can easily identify bad backlinks and rectify them. This is a very important process in order to ensure the success of your website and SEO campaign.

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