Escalate Your Marketing Through Data Mining And Retargeting

Data Mining is one of the most important and major part of almost all the marketing campaigns, from increasing sales to reviewing customer satisfaction and experience. Data mining and remarketing are some of the most popular marketing techniques that are used by the marketers. But these techniques might creep out the customers if not conducted carefully or fraudulently as happened in recent case of Facebook. Such incidents might affect the mentality of customers in relation to Data collection and Data mining. Hence, it is most important for marketers to keep mind not to scare off the customers with such activities.



What is Data Mining?


Data mining refers to the process of extracting, evaluating and analysing the data derived from the raw data available. For e.g. a company can browse through customer service interactions in order top determine who leaves the company and entice them.




Remarketing is the process in which you target the same audience or visitors who have left your website or an application. Remarketing can be done by simply adding JavaScript code in your website and when anyone visit your website, it creates anonymous drop cookies and these will follow the visitor where ever they and keep showing your Ad. For e.g. when we visit travel website pone can easily notice ads related to travel etc. on other platforms as well.

Data mining and retargeting helps a company to get ultra-focused and perform extremely well in the future. A remarketed customer is more likely to come back on website and purchase a product after leaving a website if reminded. The Business should know how to build trust and confidence among the customers so that they do not freak out on the practises such as Data mining and Remarketing and assure the customer that there data is in right hands.

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