Google Webmaster Tools : How To Verifying Websites

Utilizing Google Webmaster tools offers a lot of advantages to your site. You can include all of your sites to the interface and monitor an abundance of stats regarding them adding sitemap data, rankings, crawling stats and keyword analysis.

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Step one that you need to take after including a fresh domain name to your Google Webmaster Tools console would be to verify your site. Verifying websites with Google Webmaster tools tells the program that own that specific site – or else you could practically add any website to your console and monitor stats from it!

You will discover 2 methods to conduct site confirmation from within GWT. The earliest is by adding an empty HTML file to your server root directory. The next way is by adding a custom Meta tag to your index file.

The Meta tag that Google offers requires to be put into your index file simply prior the tag. It’s the easiest method to confirm your site and the one most often utilized by online marketers as you do not require to publish any files.
To publish the HTML file you should make a file with the name that Google provides you and publish it to your site root directory. The file can be blank as Google only seems at the file name as well as location.

When your website has been confirmed Google will constantly check if the confirmation is still valid. If the Meta tag is eliminated or the HTML file is erased then your website will no longer be confirmed and you’ll no longer have the stats up to date.

The most effective features in Google Webmaster tools presented to confirmed sites is the stats section which is where you can see top search questions, crawl statistics, index statistics and so on. There is so much effective info here which can help you in enhancing and examining your sites.

It’s well worth taking a some moments to confirm your sites in Google Webmaster tools as you’ll have access to an awesome lots of useful webmaster features which can help you in creating your website better for visitors as well as search engines.

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