How Can You Protect Your Emails?

Email is one of the most utilized tools in our daily life and contains some of the most important information about your life. In spite of so much usage most people do not realize the importance of the protection of their emails. Although there is nothing harmful in your email but one never knows what someone can do with your private information. Moreover you might have mails regarding financial institutions etc. that can be used disastrously by someone or even for nuisance.



One can easily tap into the medium through which email flows and easily read all the messages as they are simply stored in unencrypted plain text format. Now if a website sends password and username to your mail via email, this means that one can easily get access to all those mails without you knowing.Using https can only encrypt your login name and password. If you are sending a mail, then it secures the mail from your computer to your server, then it simply transports the mail in unencrypted text language and one can easily compromise your information.


How to send Encrypted Emails


Sending encrypted email is not a tedious task. One just has to have the access to the public key of the receiver. The public should be kept secured and should be shared conveniently. Even if an encrypted email is in access of someone else, one will not be able to read it. In order to be able to read, one has to unlock it or decrypt it using the special private key. There are software’s such as PGP and GPG that are used to generate these types of keys and once lost one can easily revoke them and generate a new pair of keys. The transfer of the key should be done secretly in order to prevent any leaks of the information etc.

Most email marketers and clients provide support of encrypting email and thus it is not possible for someone to breach the account. This is how you can easily encrypt your email and protect it from getting leaked.

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