How To Find A Trending Topic For Your Blog In 2019?

Finding a trending topic is complicated if you don’t have a niche blog. first you have to find your targeted audience so that you can rank easily on search engine. if you already selected the niche of your blog. you have completed a half task. after selecting the particular niche is easy to find the trending topics.  Here are ways to find the trending topics for your blog.

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Using of SEMRUSH help you to find the trending topics for your blog but first you have to understand the difference between the traffic generating topic and money making topic. With the help of SEMRUSH SEO tools you can find the both money making and trending topic.

SEMRUSH helps you to:

  • Find the right keyword for your blog
  • Checking the competitor ranking keywords
  • Analyse the competitor strategy
  • Check the backlink of your website and competitor also.

Quora to find the trending topics for your blog

In Quora people ask question, discussion or advice to other people anyone can answer the question if someone likes your suggestion or answers they can upvote your answer. Quora is a best way to find the audience targeted topic. Posting the content what really your audience want will help you to get more traffic. With the help of Quora you can find the trending topic but you can understand what really your audience wants from you.  By solving the reader’s problem helps you to generate more traffic and create some sales. Before take readers problem and right about it first you have to see that all readers having the same problem. If the problem is major, there is a huge chance of getting more traffic because you find a way to fix that problem help you to generate more traffic on your website or blog.

Use headline generator tools

Use of headline generator tools helps you to generate more relevant ideas for your particular niche blogs. Just type the keywords that are related to your topic or your website and the tool give the best relevant headline for your blog. There are lots of headline generator tools like tweak your biz, hubspot these tools will help you to generate thousands of headline for your topic.

Select the evergreen topic

Selecting the evergreen topic will help you to generate long term traffic. Like if I have a tech blog and I am posting about iPhone 5 this will get traffic for particular time. Just like creating an evergreen topic helps you create more traffic on regular basis.

Set up Google Alerts

Google alerts is one of the best tools to optimize the performance of your Digital Marketing Campaigns. Google alerts help you to find generating trending topics. Google alerts is free. Just put your keyword that you want alert notification. Google alerts will send you email about the keywords that you have entered in the for notification. Google alerts will send the all over globe trends of a particular keywords.

Use surveys

Using of surveys help you to find the interest of the audience. It will help you to understand the audience better.

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