How You Are Going To Study MBA?

All MBA programs and business schools that are related to the program are accredited to prepare students and teach them the skills to survive in the diverse field of management. All these schools uncover you in the field of business which include accounting, finance, marketing and human resources. For this program you have two options; first one is comfort of living in your country and second is attraction of a foreign degree, explore another country and great opportunities and there are some other points where you can do the comparison between them:


Admission Process

Popular entrance exam for MBA in India is CAT but along with this, there more like XAT, SNAP, NMAT, IIFT and many more. Institutes or colleges take the written exam that is followed by Group Discussion and the most important test is Personal Interview. One of the top universities for doing the MBA in India is IIMs and if you are thinking to do MBA from abroad like from USA or UK, then you are required to clear GNE and GMAT. To study in abroad in top universities, you must have the work experience of 2-3 years to be eligible for MBA.

Fees of MBA program

To do the residential program for two years from top business school in India ,the cost is 10-20 lakhs if you want to do MBA program from overseas ,the fees of the program is Rs 30-40 lakhs per year and it goes up to 75-80 lakhs if you do it from top US universities. Living in abroad and studying MBA is expensive than doing MBA from India. In India you will get an education loan from institute as institutes have tie-up with authorised banks.


Business schools of India provide the best placement in multinational companies and the process of the placement is very easy. Lots of companies visit the institute every year to take an interview and give the great placement opportunities to candidates. The campus doesn’t give any guarantee to give the you a job in your dream company however, it provides you with lots of chances and opportunities to get your dream job.

Education Quality

It is the very important part of our life. There are lots of institute who provides the high quality of education and some of those institutes are IITs and IIMs as they complete the full course with international business schools. In India there is a heavy competition and difficult to choose the institutes that provide the high quality of education to students, if we see in abroad there is no competition because all the institutes provide world class quality of education.

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