Most Common and Disastrous SEO Mistakes

For any Business online or a website owner the most important part of successfully reaching out to a large number of audiences is SEO. Although it is a long process but once done right, the benefits that you reap are far more than one can think. But this is a very high risk task as even one step done wrong; it can lead to disastrous results. You have to select your strategies accordingly and then work on optimizing the website using them. One wrong strategy or a Black hat SEO practice can even lead to penalty by Google.



Here are a few common mistakes by SEO practitioners and novices that can cause more harm than good.


Duplicity of content


The most important thing that matters to the Google is Content. Google’s love for unique and quality content is not hidden from anyone and the preference that it gives to the websites is far more than any other SEO technique. But many webmasters in order to achieve success through false means try to copy the content from different website. One thing they fail to realise that they are doing more harm for their own in the long term. Once identified Google can drop their rankings significantly and which would affect their SEO a lot.


Title Tag and Description


A proper introduction is needed if you want to explain or present something to the world, then only the people will understand your intentions. The same is the case with your website and Blog posts. If there is no Title and description in the post, it is considered bad from the SEO point of view and can hugely affect your ranking.


Broken Links


Broken links are the most disastrous things and can cause huge drops in the traffic as well as rankings. With the introduction of new algorithms, Google is paying more attention to the User experience and giving it the priority. Broken links are the considered bad for the user experience and could cause huge drops in rankings as Google views it as the user was not provided with the result that was promised by the website and is a negative SEO for the website.

These are a few common mistakes by the Webmasters and SEO experts that need to be handled carefully otherwise may lead to the failure of the SEO campaign.

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