Responsive Website: Features And Significance

We have seen an exponential increase in the mobile phones for search purposes and other as compared to desktop and other platforms. Google understands the shift in the search devices by the people and this is the reason why it came with the new mobile update in 2015. This new update had a significant impact on non-responsive websites. According to this update, all the website that are Responsive i.e. that can are operational on different screen sizes are to be given priority by the Google as compared to that of the non-responsive websites.

Understanding the search pattern, Google have been giving high priority to the mobile users and therefore that have highest compatibility will be placed higher on the ranking. Many webmasters have been unaware with the required changes and features for a website to be considered Responsive.

Here are some of the main features of Responsive Website:

Playable Videos

Playable videos are one of the most important features of Responsive websites. Many a times a lot of video formats are not supported by mobile devices as compared to desktop and therefore it is a great contributor to Responsive websites.Google recommends using HTML5 tags in order to make those Videos run.

Page Loading Speed

Operating a smartphone is far easier as compared to that of the desktop. It has been studied that people on mobile phones cannot stand the page taking more than 5 seconds to load at max. More than 70% of population wants their online page to open fast on their mobile phones. Therefore it is undoubtedly one of the most important factors for a Responsive website. Google has been providing page speed insights in order to help the webmasters to make their pages more responsive and open up under seconds.
Apart from that mobile webmasters should try to avoid using excess of CSS on mobile websites and images of heavy size. This might increase the loading speed and therefore affecting the responsiveness of website.

More and more people are bound to use mobile phones for their daily searches and therefore it is important for the webmasters in order to ensure the success of their website and higher ranking in the search engines to create a Responsive version of their websites.

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