Using Audience Targeting For Creating The Perfect Ad

Any search marketer out there would agree with the importance of audience targeting while creating an Ad campaign. For years there is been a shift from the search ads to audience ads with more focused and precised audience targeting. It provides the marketers wide range of options to target their audience more precisely.

Demographic Targeting

Already marketers have been targeting the audience based on the demographics, interests, device, location and many more features but now there is a need to add on an additional feature of demographic targeting such as the company a person works for or the job title etc. The use of integrated analysis and Artificial intelligence is going to enhance the targeting capabilities of the marketers.

Native Advertising

With the advancement in digital marketing, and online shopping, customers now expect the search engines or also known as digital assistants to provide them with the suggestions for the problems that they are receiving rather than the traditional online advertising.
Studies suggest that in coming few years, more than 55% of the customers expect their companies to provide them with the relevant suggestions and the solutions before reaching out to them.

Demand For More Visual Content

There has been quite shift in the paid media from text to more visual content. Normal ads with the normal text and description have grown less prominent and effective.
Along with text and description, we have various ther options to optimise your ad such as adding images, videos, reviews and ratings. This can help you to create your ad more reliable and trust worthy.

A huge difference in the audience involvement is seen with the text based ad and the audience Ad and therefore it is best to utilise it for your search ads in order to increase conversions.
More intelligence and quality partners

With the advancement in AI and technology, a marketer has huge amount of consumer data provided in the form of statistics and therefore it is easy for them to select the targeted audience and increase their conversion rate. Moreover previously as were not quality focused and didn’t had quality platforms and reach. Now marketers know the importance of high quality partner sites. In coming time, audience ads are bound to come in different forms and on different platforms with the advancement in mixed reality and oddmented reality.

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