Using Images to Increase Website Traffic

An attractive content is one of the factors that increase website traffic and ranking. Your content must be appealing to your audience and should increase their indulgence. Adding images to your website is one of the best ways to optimise your website and increase the traffic. But it might be hard to find such images free on Google. Finding relevant and quality images for ones web site is quite hard and could be expensive if you go on to purchase them.

People are more into visual content as compared to words and therefore adding images to your content increases the audience interest in your work. It is always better to try and find free to use images on your website with 2-3 of them on each post. Apart from that you can always purchase images from outside sources.



Here are a few sources of images


Many people get confused while adding an image but the one thing that they need to understand is that it is not hard to select and upload images on your website. And with these places where you can royalty free images it makes your content looks much more attractive to the readers. These websites contain a stock of images from which you can choose anyone that you like and are public as well.

Apart from this if you like a picture but unable to download it, there are other ways in which you can access that image. This can be done by either using print screen or the snipping tools where you can snip the desired image and save to use on your website. Apart from this man y paid platforms provide free trials as well. You can visit these websites and buy free trial period. Although this might provide you limited access but it could work in the beginning of your website.

One thing that most Bloggers fail to understand but should know is that Images play a very important role in the success of your Blog or Website. Many Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are successful because of this model only. So adding images top your website is the most important task to generate huge traffic and ranking.

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